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We're the ICT company with the x factor: a genuine purpose

ICTx exists to share the greatest possibilities of digital technology with those who have the most to gain from them.

Managed Services

Our purpose drives everyone who works here, and everything we do. That’s why at the heart of our business is a unique mix of services that meet the specific needs of indigenous and other community-focused organisations. We are the one-stop technology partner they can trust.

Specialist Services

The perfect complement to this is our specialist work for Australian corporates and government organisations. They appreciate the diversity of experience our team has acquired, and love how our experts can jump right in to help solve their biggest challenges. They also love the fact that working with us helps support our unique purpose.

Proudly not your typical ICT company

We're the ICT company with something else: a real purpose that makes a real difference.

Discover who we are, and the x factor that unites us.