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ICTx is a different kind of ICT company

We have a purpose beyond profit and it’s this:

To share the greatest possibilities of digital technology with those who have the most to gain from them.

To understand why we set ourselves this mission, it helps to turn the clock back. Back to when digital technology was the new kid on the block. It was a time of hope and excitement for a new world of possibility. ICT promised to be an enabler of dreams, a democratised vehicle for success and aspiration.
But for too many people in today’s workplace it didn’t turn out like that. A divide has opened up, leaving certain people and organisations behind. While many large corporates and government departments enjoy the best in technology, service and functionality, others languish, lacking the resources to get ahead.
This matters, because the consequences are real. For those left behind horizons are limited. Hopes can be dashed. Aspirations are constrained. 
At ICTx we saw this as a tragedy, and an opportunity. An opportunity to share the greatest possibilities of technology with those who have the most to gain from them. It’s why we work with so many indigenous organisations, community groups and vital social services.
Our work for indigenous health, education and legal organisations has tremendous importance for us, delivering the full spectrum of Managed ICT Services they need and struggle to find elsewhere.
Meanwhile our Specialised Services are in high demand by some of Australia’s largest corporates and government departments. They love working with us because they know our people can solve complex problems efficiently, and because they support our broader mission.

So we’re not your typical ICT company because we’re the ICT company with something else: the x factor.

A real purpose that makes a real difference, to those who need it most.