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Specialist Services

We could only become such a trusted partner to so many indigenous and community organisations by having a pretty special and capable team. So our people have to be at the top of their game, while being able to deliver efficiently in some particularly challenging circumstances.

As you might expect, such people are also extremely useful to larger corporate or government organisations facing challenging issues. Our specialised teams are expert at jumping right in, working with an organisation’s broader team to get the job done.

It’s work that has benefits across the board. Not only does it ensure our talent continues to benchmark their experience in an enterprise environment, it allows these organisations to support our important mission.

The range of specialist project consultancy services we offer covers pretty much anything IT, but the following are those we’re most commonly engaged in:

  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Data Centre design, implementation and migration

  • Network design, implementation and migration (including SD-WAN)

  • Microsoft 365 design, implementation and migration

  • Dynamics 365 design, implementation and migration

  • Data Analytics Platform design, implementation and migration

  • Cybersecurity audit and uplift (including Essential 8, ISM, SASe)

  • Cybersecurity Penetration Testing and Configuration Review

  • Software Design and Development

  • Digital transformation strategy

  • Enterprise and solution architecture consulting

  • Formal ICT audit

Why choose ICTx as your technology partner?

You could consider many organisations for specialist services, but only ICTx has the x factor. We're here to make a difference, a purpose you can support simply by engaging our experienced and capable team. We’re flexible, reliable and pragmatic. If you’re tied in by your current arrangements we’re happy to work one step at a time.

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