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Managed Services

When it comes to comprehensive managed services, we are the provider dozens of indigenous organisations, community services and primary health care clinics trust to meet their needs. Why? Because we understand how those needs can differ from other businesses.

The experience we’ve gained in the sector means we understand the specific issues such organisations face. And our whole purpose is to ensure the delivery of ICT solutions that work for them.

When you trust us with your managed services, you can be sure of a solution that works for your specific needs. It’s all part of what makes ICTx a different kind of ICT company.

What we do

Business Systems

From data analytics and reporting to application development, corporate systems and entire digital health systems, we provide a full suite of business systems. Whatever the size of your organisation and however your legacy systems are configured, we can set you up to succeed.


We can specify, source, install and manage all the infrastructure you need. Cloud and networking set-up; data centre services, server and serverless infrastructure, backup, storage and archival, internet and fibre, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi; we can meet all your technology infrastructure requirements.


We know how tough it can be to keep up with the demands of cybersecurity. Our aim is to close the gap for organisations with limited resources. We can help you uplift the ‘Essential Eight’, control user access and identity, and manage system, gateway and firewall protection. While our Specialist Operation Centre monitors threats and responds quickly to any incidents.

Modern Workplace 

Reliable, effective modern hybrid workplace technologies are essential to any organisation. At ICTx we have every need covered: Workstations, Teams calling and Cloud PABX, Mobile, Teams Rooms, Microsoft 365, Printers, facility and physical security.

Work with us and experience the ICTx difference

A provider that’s committed to sharing the greatest possibilities of technology with those who have the most to gain.

Flexible, reliable and pragmatic, our approach is sensitive to different cultures and ways of working.

If existing contracts and arrangements make a wholesale switch difficult, experience what it’s like to work with us one step at a time.

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